Tired of Unwanted Gold Talking up Space?

Bring your unwanted gold to us and get top dollar for it! At Cash USA, in Baltimore, MD, we're always looking for valuable pieces of gold jewelry and gold coins. Gold prices went higher in the poor economy. You could make a killing! Find out when you bring your gold in.

We Take Gold in Many Forms

  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Scrap gold
  • Old, broken, and unwanted gold
Cash and gold

Condition Doesn't Matter

We'll buy gold according to weight, not beauty, so if it's a broken watch or broken chain, bring it in and get a fair price in cash.

Looking for Something Special in Gold?

We're the first place to visit if you're looking for bargain gold or jewelry. People are always selling us fine pieces from estates or broken romances. Get more from an engagement ring than you thought you could afford and she'll never know.
When markets are down, 
the price you get for 
your gold goes up!

Call 410-675-0033 
Pick out something you'd like 
to give someone special for 
Christmas, put down a fraction 
of the full cost, and we'll save the 
item for you until you can finish 
paying for it. Better than a 
credit card!
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