About Pawning

Cash USA, located in Baltimore, MD, is a traditional pawn shop. We offer more than cash for gold and other items of value. Come, visit us!

Instant Cash for Valuables

A pawn shop is like a mini bank. When you need cash, bring an item of value in and borrow money against it. We'll give you cash instantly for the worth of what you bring in. Just pay back what you borrowed plus a small interest fee within 30 days.

Cheaper Interest Rates

Payday loans come with a higher rate and go after your credit if you're unable to pay them back. With pawning, there is no credit involved. You get a cheaper rate and don't have to worry about your credit score taking a hit.

Visit Us With Queries About Pawning Your Items

Do you have any specific questions about pawning? Do you have items that you feel is worth something and want to pawn it? Please call us on 410-675-0033 today!
We have a bit of 
everything, not 
just gold.

Call 410-675-0033 
Avoid the tediousness of 
approaching a bank. Just approach 
us and we help with 
instant cash!
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