Our Secret is Our Knowledgeable Staff

You benefit because our staff at Cash USA, in Baltimore, MD understands the value of obscure items and the difference between quality and junk. If you're sure what you have is valuable, chances are our buyers will know it too, and you'll make more money. Put your trust in a tradition of above-board dealing, and don't be taken advantage of by check cashers again!

Better Than Check Cashing

Get cash without paying the percentage a paycheck-casher demands. Their rates are legal robbery. An honorable pawnbroker gives you a loan without gouging you for it.
Gold and money

We Operate Like a Bank

We give you a loan and take an item from you as collateral for it. You can buy the same item back from us within 30 days for the amount of the loan, plus a reasonable interest.

We've Served the People of Baltimore for Over 20 Years

People might think it's a bit too much to speak about the romance of a pawnshop, but we think about it that way. We're in a very ancient profession with an unspoken code and value system. We prize highly a shrewd eye for merchandise and love to deal.
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