Excellent Trading for Gold, Jewelry, Electronics, and More

Trade Your Gold/Jewelry for Hard Cash

Need cash? Don't worry, Cash USA has got you covered! Bring in your unwanted jewelry or gold in any form and we'll buy them at fair prices. It's time for you to turn your estate leftovers into cold, hard cash.
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Get Quality Electronics at Fair Prices

Don't end up paying big bucks for upgrading your electronics. Come to Cash USA and get the exact same item at a much cheaper price. We buy top-of-the-line items and resell them at a fair price. You can also choose to sell off your unwanted electronics. Either way, you get a good deal at a tempting price!
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Profit From Unwanted Antiques

If you have antiques that you wish to sell, Cash USA is the first place you should visit. Our curators will first evaluate your piece and we'll those vintage items at the quoted price. If you're into collecting antiques, we're the best place to be. Discover treasures from the bygone past here.
Make Money on old, Unused Items

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Our Inventory Always Keeps Changing

Visit Cash USA in Baltimore, MD frequently to see the latest treasures. We pay top dollar to yard-sale junkies for the prime items we find. You can't beat cash!
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