We buy Top-of-the-Line Shoes and Accessories

Take advantage of the hot market in handbags, belts, coats, hats, and shoes, even high-end sneakers. At Cash USA in Baltimore, MD, we have buyers and your throwaways can earn you cash right away!
We buy and sell accessories including tennis shoes, dress, purses, and other high-end stuff.

Leather Goods are Durable

Well-crafted shoes and handbags don't wear off as poorly as clothing, and there's a market for distinctive items that have been lightly used. Show us what you've got, and get ready for cold, hard cash in return.

Top end Kicks We Like

Sneakers? Are you kidding me? Some of these sportswear special issues cost over 200 dollars a pair. If you have them in good condition, we'll agree to a fair price.

Don't Forget to buy From Us When You Want a Bargain

Looking to save substantially on accessories and fine footwear? Consider buying from us. Our buyer's good eyes can find you some exceptional values. Get designer handbags and chic shoes at outrageous savings. Our merchandise has nothing "used" about it!
Get money for your 
valuable accessories!

Call 410-675-0033 
Put your trust in a local 
institution in Baltimore, and say 
goodbye to the check casher 
and his usurious fees!
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